LMI and borrowing additional equity

Do i have to pay full LMI again at the following scenarios. If not how much I will have to pay? (Same bank of course)

1. If I have a loan of 85% of equity and then get another 5% loan.

2. If I have 90% loan and the house price has gone up and I get extra loan (maintaining 90%)
if youhave previously paid LMI, in most cases you will receive a credit for the LMI already paid. so youd only be looking at a topup premium

Could also be worthwhile to get a couple of other lenders vals to see if the deals may work without lmi

I believe it works that you get your original lmi premium refunded and pay a lmi premium on the new loan amount. So in essence you pay lmi on the difference between loan amounts. But dont forget premiums could have gone up or down since you last paid.

You will get the credit for the LMI that you have already paid.

The premiums would have increased so this would need to be factored. Also the loan amount and LVR has increased so this too would need to be factored.