ING use Genworth

CBA technically do too,but much of their lower risk stuff they keep in house and cover themselves,

Furtherm under CBAs DUA, much can get through there that Genworth may not do directly

Thanks Rolf,

So in your experience do CBA normally use Genworth for a top up of 90% on existing CBA loan or just do it in house?

Thanks again :)
Hi tarah

Depends on a few things, incl how well it credit scores

If we have some idea around the context or concern of the question we may be able to help with less "fluff".

G'day Tarah,

As per Rolf's responses. Comm bank also have their Low Deposit Premium (LDP) from memory. From what I can ascertain, the LDP rates are the same as Genworth but there is no stamp duty applied to this product.

Someone in the know might be able to help you clarify this one.