Lo Doc - accessing equity at 80%

Hi All
so far have only found lenders which will access equity at 25% which is of no use to me.

Can anyone tell me if there are any lo doc lenders which will allow you to access equity at 80%LVR

Cheers and thanks in advance, MTR
I think you are referring to the mortgage insurers requirement of 25% of the original loan balance.

Yes there lenders who will allow you to do a lodoc refi to 80% but anything all depends on the rest of the deal.
Hi Richard
appreciate that. Must be confused, with all the changes on a daily basis, no wonder. Thanks for the help.

Cheers, MTR
There's a couple of lenders who are announcing themselves as 80% lo doc, no BAS requirements and they're okay with cash out. The tend to be privately funded and thus avoid regular mortgage insurance requirements.

The catch is they're expensive.
There is still one or two lenders who will do any amount of cash out under Lodoc without any form of income evidence as long as the mortgage they are refinacning was not originally a lodoc loan.