loan structure question


Suppose my financial situation is such that I can benefit from buying an IP, but not PPOR (say, I am a high income earner)
Also, suppose that my wife's financial position calls for buying a PPOR, but not an IP (say, lower income bracket and opportunity to salary package, meaning that home loan repayments can be made before tax with the employer taking half the tax savings and passing the other half on to my wife).
Our home is fully repaid and used as a security for IPs. An idea to purchase a bigger PPOR is being entertained.
What would be a smart way to structure a loan? Say, can my wife and I buy a house 50/50, rent half of it out, living in the other half, with my loan taken to buy the rented out part of the house, and my wife's loan taken to buy the part we live in?
Any advice, thoughts, suggestions would be much appreciated.

Superman (not associated with super)

Loan wise this can be done easily, just twp different splits. Obviously the PPOR part as P&I (maybe) and the IP split as I/O, with all cashflow going into an offset acct linked to the PPOR loan.