LOC - Which bank?

I have applied with CBA for a LOC in the name of our family trust about 6 weeks ago. Still no news. Can anyone suggest other banks which have great LOC features at the moment. A professional package would be appropriate for our circumstances.
Richard it is a family trust and the reason we have been given for them taking so long is that they have to assess the trust. It really can't be that complicated to take 6 weeks!

We were thinking of Heritage BS as their interest rate atm is 4.97% but am not sure about the other features of the loan being OK.
They have to access the trust? I assume they've got a copy of the trust deed, which is a standard requirement for lenders and trusts.

It is taking the CBA weeks to get even the simplest file done, but 6 weeks is incredibly exsesive. Somebody has dropped the ball.
All lenders would want to assess the Trust but anything more than 2/3 days would have me worried.

And with Heritage hope you got more than 6 weeks for them to assess the deal. Have some wonderful strange credit anomolies when it comes to serviceability.