LoDoc propack StVar discount?

Would anybody know currently what 'standard' discount rate is with banks on propack with LoDoc, i.e. StVar - 0.xx%? Don't see it advertised anymore.

Reason it isnt advertised on a few of the majors website is simple ....they are either not offer lodoc at all or they are not offering any Propack discount

Whilst you can stil get an lodoc 80 at around 7.2% variable in todays market there are so many variables that having the loan approved is probably just as important as obtaining a low rate on paper.

CBA, for example, are offering same discounts on low doc however LVR max is 60%. That is 0.7% off for loans over $250k.
If the loan amount exceeds 60% then you are not eligible to apply for wealth package.
Most majors will provide same discounts except StG :eek:

It pays to shop around or use a MB. Save yourself time and stress.

Hope this helps :D