long term goal

From: Adam Randall

I have never realy talked about it much, however after touring the south pacific extensively (thanks to the RAN). I decided years ago I wanted to own a small resort on an island where it is warm all year round and pina colada's flow like water from 6am onwards, and young frustrated mothers in manicured 2 tonne assualt vehicles are a distant memory.
After a fair bit of research (and considerable dreaming) I have worked out the minimum amount needed for a half decent resort in a semi stable country would be around 1.5M - 2.5M.
I do not like the idea of lease hold which at this time excludes Vanuatu (my prefered choice otherwise). Fiji seems nice has freehold land however the government is slightly unstable. Polynesia (aaahhh) well I can't even afford to go on holiday there, let alone buy a resort.
Does anyone have eperience with running a small resort (no more than 18 rooms) in the south pacific.
I had a long conversation with a lady called Eileen I think her name was, she owned and ran the Bouganville resort on the island of Espirito Santo in Vanuatu, they had been doing that for 6 years at that stage (about 8 years ago), she had highly reccommended giving it a go.
The other question would be how much capital should I have behind me, and how would I approach a bank (I can see the look on their face now) regarding finance for an ofshore investment.
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