Looking for a BA to sell my property

The property has some unique features which would make it attractive to buyers from well outside the area where it is located.

For this reason I thought of enlisting the help of BAs who may have buyers looking for sea change / tree change but who want something almost new rather than an old property in need of TLC.

I also know that a number of properties in the district have been sold to fly in / fly out miners, some of whom work literally on the other side of the country.

Other sales have been to people willing to spend over $500,000 on a weekend retreat.

Maybe these brief comments may ring a bell with a BA, or some kind soul may have a better idea for me.
BA's work exclusively for buyers otherwise they would not be BA's - they can only get paid by one party (which is usually the purchaser).

What is wrong with using the local or well qualified agent for your needs?

(Which area is the property located?)
I don't want to retain a BA, I just want to inform them of the property's availability.

Local agents only advertise on domain and re.com with occasional adverts in the local Domain magazine. All of these are limited in scope by the postcode.

Unless someone is looking specifically for properties in that postcode or nearby postcodes they will never see an advert for a property in an area that they had not previously thought of, but which may suit them admirably.

The property is in the Northern Rivers region in NSW, a short drive from beaches, but very rural.
Thank you for the suggestion.

It is out of area people who are the most likely buyers for my property, and the advertising methods readily available are limited by postcode and nearby.

Michael's location would not appear on relevant postcode searches although he is not far away, but he could well have such a buyer on his books. I will contact him.