Looking for Depreciation Schedules report


Can you please suggest good one who can prepare Depreciation Schedules report for me. Property is located in Ballarat, VIC and it is NRAS property.

One more question - out of two quotes, $385 from depreciator and BMT quoted $700+GST. Whcih is better and any specfic reason for such wide price difference?

Thanks in advance
For $385 they will not visit but since its H&L package, all I need to send is contract and they will arrive actual cost and produce report.
When actual costs are available, the ATO want them used. Most building contracts have ample information.
I don't see the point in paying twice the fee and sending someone to a newly built house when the build cost is available. I'm guessing they sit outside and say, 'Yep, there is definitely a house there.'
Of course, some companies will say, 'Ah, but what if there are Assets in the house that are not mentioned on the contract?'

I'm now going to make a solemn, public promise: 'If a builder ever slips into a house an additional split system air con or something like that without charging, I will eat a building contract - one of those big, fat ones with all the HIA guff.'