Looking for someone who do walk in wardrobe installations Hills District Sydney

A family member just upgraded big time in the Hills district and is now looking to convert a room (approx 3.5 metres by 4 metres) joined to the master bedroom into a walk in robe. She's planning to do heaps of work to the new place since she and her husband got a great sale price on her old place. (She and her husband timed everything - the buy and the sell - to perfection).
Can anybody recommend somebody or a company to build and install the walk in robe? I suggested she should look for companies/tradies based in South Western Sydney as I believe they tend to be cheaper than any companies that could be based in the Hills....
Thanks in advance
The Bunnings DIY built-ins are a good option if you are on a tight budget, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

The funny thing was that I priced up the Bunnngs DIY mirrored sliding robes and it worked out dearer than the fully installed built to size ones from TNT. For a 2 mirrored door up to 2400 wide with shelves, dual hanging and drawers its about $700 installed.
DaveM - I'd give you that.

We just did 6 and the material cost alone was just over $4,000 from Bunnings.

$700 installed is a great price - is that "made to measure" ?.

Also what turaround time do they have ?
Also what turaround time do they have ?

It takes them a few days to go out and measure then about a week to install.

A bit off topic but does anyone else think Bunnings genrally isn't very good value? Honestly I go in there for odds and ends often and usually the stuff I am looking for I have noticed is cheaper elsewhere.

Also I find the selection pretty poor on a lot of items like nuts and bolts. Your a hardware store!!! Why have you got such a shitty selection of nuts and bolts???
A good deal of our renovation spend finishes up at Bunnings.

Mainly because they are competitive, open, close, have a good range and are helpful - also it is easy to exchange if you get the wrong thing (a regular occurence).

They also have a price guarantee if you can get the same thing elsewhere.

Not wanting to sound like one of their adverts - but we are in there 2 or 3 times a week.