looking fro house sunshine coast

From: Gerard Mclean

HI, I am in sydney and looking at selling my house here to live the on sunshine coast
does anyone know any agents they can recommend in buderim
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From: Gail H


I can't recommend an agent, but I do have a copy of the Sunshine Coast property paper that comes out every week (I was up there a couple of weeks ago). If that would be any help, email me on ghubble@vicbar.com.au and I can send it to you.

Buderim is gorgeous and seems to be growing. I plan to look there for an investment property soon.Great place.

Good luck.

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From: Ian John

Hi Gerard,
I'm a property manager on the Sunshine Coast and know Buderim fairly well. The market is still booming here to the extent that most REA have waitlists of buyers. I would find it difficult to recommend one particular REA. You can contact the Sunshine Coast Daily and have Saturday's paper delivered to you. Ph: 07 5430 8000
Good Luck! Ian
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