Losing faith/trust in lawyers (selling property)

Discussion in 'The Buying/Selling Process' started by Poe, 13th Jun, 2015.

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    20th Jun, 2004
    agreed, the whole thing sounds outrageous
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    27th May, 2009
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    Good Morning,

    Just as an update. We had decided to ride this out and just get settlement completed with as is. The property transfer forms were picked up yesterday. To make sure there were no further communication issues, as had asked for all correspondence the lawyer had taken for this work.

    The lawyer responded yesterday saying no. He appears to have freaked out a bit and believes were we did not trust him, and were going to use the communications to lodge a complaint against him in the relevant commission. We had raised this as a possibility with him originally when we found out about the extra time added to the settlement date. He also believed were were holding back on signing the transfer documents (as noted we only picked it up yesterday-mail had come in on Monday but we were not able to go to the property at the time). He has also said that he will now stop work on our behalf on this and will give us the relevant paperworks for the property sale once we pay him his fees (partial payment of quote for work undertaken).

    We are now looking for a conveyancing lawyer to go through the work already done and complete the remainder of the process required.