Losing outlook to a tree

Just hoping for some advise on what to do..

I have a top floor unit on the northern beaches of Sydney, about 300m to the beach with a lovely outlook to long reef headland. Thing is, a council nature strip tree is growing at a rapid rate and we anticipate we will lose our outlook in the next 6 months.

Going by other units with a similar outlook and style, to those with no outlook, we potentially could loose about 10-15K in value.

Is it worth hanging in there and losing our view or getting out now before the tree grows any more? (By the way units are still selling very well in the area, we think we have had about 10% growth in the last 12 months and is looking to continue).

* Have no intention of poisoning it either :eek:
dont poison, crown it to restrict height, n make get bushier

People two doors from us had this issue with a tree on the footpath slowing growing to block their city view.

They were told in no uncertain terms by the council that a heavy fine was in the offing if they touched it, even to trim it.

Perhaps your council might allow you to trim it, or might trim it for you, but even doing a sneaky midnight trim is tricky, as it is pretty obvious who benefits from the trim.

Worst case scenario is that the value may be less due to less view, but think of the costs involved in selling :eek:.
yep, our council is very good, the tree was close to power so we had lots of assistance,
NSpower would cut the tree off at ground level
council sent an arborist, who crowned the tree, makes it a giant bonsai, so it will get bushier but not get taller
Being in IT I thought this thread was about someone losing their email.... :eek:

What sort of tree is it? Not a protected native something or other is it?

Is it evergreen or deciduous?

The Y-man
Just a little off the top

No need to poison it.

Give it a bit of a trim.

Remedy attached.


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It would cost you $10-15K to sell it and even more to buy somewhere else. So selling up doesn't make much sense. If it is a nice tree then you may get a leafy filtered view?

What sort of tree is it? Is it likely to grow high enough to block your view? What is the height of your top floor?

Or you can just cut the growing tip off it. If you go high enough then you can do it with a pair of scissors and it would be hard to spot. Impossible to prove who did it beyond circumstantial evidence.

I like gardening :)
Firstly, I suggest you identify the trees to find out how high they grow.

Many Councils plant bushy trees that grow quickly but do not get too tall.

You may be worrying over nothing.
Thanks for the advise...

Not sure what it is but it's big, ugly and grows darn fast - must be some kind of native thing because it has gumnuts. Council planted heaps of them around the area to improve the street setting and create privacy from the road, I think.

I'd say its about 20 metres tall and growing at a rate of half a metre a year. I did get my husband to climb it six months ago and we managed to get a bit off the side but has since grown back. It's probably not safe for him to be up there at night anyway and a bit concerned the neighbours could hear the sawing and the sound of large branches crashing to the ground..:D.

We will eventually lose our view completely, plus alot of sunlight
- will try and post a pic..