lost weekend

Well i've just had a lost weekend that I never want to repeat.

Had the plans all set to inspect 10 houses in a major regional centre with the view of buying at least 1 of them. Everything was set. The DD and research was all done, the inspection times were all confirmed with the various agents and i was all set, armed with my trusty GPS to spend the weekend driving around and checking these places out.

We even took the 4.5 hour drive there on Friday afternoon so that we were bright and ready on SAturday to do the inspections.

But alas, my youngun, 2.5 years, old came down with Gastro, and being the caring father i am, i also got it, and we both ended up being admitted in this town's local hospital for the weekend and even into early this week. I didn't get back Canberra until late yesterday, Tuesday.

I had a few agents call me over the weekend asking, "what happened", "we had an appointment" etc and i had to tell them that i was stuck in the hospital.

Oh well. Just have to find the time to do the inspections again.

It's enough to give me the pip....At least i've got that out of my system.


Well, look on the bright side - you know what the local hospital is like there. Did you ask the staff if they rent? :)

Things like this can really give you the s.....!:p


The Y-man