Love this house

hope the link works. I'm doing this from my mobile.
I love this house. Everyone has a property they would love to own and this is mine. Always check it out when I'm in berry on the south coast. And now it's for sale. It's so funky from the outside and inside is the same. It also has 6 beds and 5 baths so it could actually be a good earner. I'm not at this kind of property in my investing life yet so if someone could do me a favour and buy it. Just to let me buy it of them in 10 years. That would be great.
yea have to agree it looks fabulous. So what do you think it will go for?

Yeah I am dreaming. No idea what it will go for but it will be big. Everthing in berry is big. But renting by the room would pull big rent too if furnished . My mother rented there many years ago. It was a vets for a while. It looks like it belongs on a beach. Very unique. I love it.
I'm sure that house used to be rented out as a holiday let. I've driven past it a few times. It's fantastic - you'd need the right furniture for it.