Low cost Property Management in Brisbane


I will soon have an IP in Brisbane that it seems my father wants to rent. As i'm well aware family and money don't mix very well so i wanted to check if there would be any low cost PM that could least manage the payments and chase down arrears if this became a problem. This obviously would only be conditional with my father living in the IP. If he ended up moving out this could revert back to the normal rate.

Would something like this exist where you already have a tenant lined up and just wanted someone to manage payments?

Do you have doubts on your fathers ability to pay you? An agent wont stop this happening but can only chase him for payment but as he is your father it wont go down well! The agent takes advise from you on how hard to push. Image you giving the okay to evict!:eek:
I think you'll find the only "discount" will be the let fee and marketing fee waived as you have secured the tenant. The day to day (the management fee portion) wouldn't change.
regarding father... we have previously not had good experiences with family living in investment properties (ie. we had an uncle living in a IP paying below market and was still missing payments) and i am also hopeless at accurate record keeping so the 5-7% management fee is worth it given their experise.
if this is case, why not say 'no' to your father and give $50 a week to rent somewhere else?

Agree with this. Keep it seperate and help your father with rent somewhere else instead. This way you can keep your IP rental on market value and he will still have a roof.
Yes this is where my thoughts are headed.. thanks for your input all.

Ok - so now the question is - Can anyone recommend a good property manager in the North East Brisbane Area (ie. Sandgate, Deagon, Shorncliffe)
Be very wary of some on the forum...just because they do or have posted on here means very little. There are some that were highly regarded and had great reputations on here, but they are no longer used or recommended by many now. I have PM'd you a local agent that seems to be good.
If your worried that your father might not be a good tenant I would not rent to him, the risk is too high. Not only do you lose money but also help ruin your relationship with him in the future. Manage your property like a business, take the emotion out of it.