Low doc 60%

Hello, I am looking to refinance an existing low doc loan, at a 60%LVR the amount required will be 1.4mil. I require cash out of $250,00. I am wanting to steer away from the big 4 if possible. I meet the requirements for a low doc, and want to avoid going to a mortgage insurer, hence the 60% LVR. I have my business with ANZ, and already have existing mortgages with the CBA. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
Before making any suggestions there are a few things that need to be known such as......

Who is current lender?
Is the security the same as the one you had valuation problems with?
Did your MB get a favourable result when contesting the valuation?
Security location & value
Is LOC or off-set required

Does avoiding the "Big 4" also include other institutions they own?
Due to loan size do you have an issue paying a higher rate to avaoid the "Big 4"?

Hi Indulgedbelle,

Off the top of my head, the Rams Pro Pack could be ideal.

RAMS is now a part of Westpac now, would that be a prob? Are your issues with Big 4 related to LMI or refinance of LoDoc?

Regards JO
Bankwest may be another fit

Most lenders will want a letter from an acct or a planner as to what the cash out will be used for, nothing major, but just something to be aware of

I have some loans with HSBC and they offer a 60% low doc. AFAIK that can be to a trust and requires no personal guarantee either.