Luxury Apartments in Sydney

Dear Forum

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on luxury apartments as IP's, i.e., the ones around $1M plus with water views and all the rest.

Sure they are expensive and probably difficult to get a good rental return on, but surely the water views would mean that they will always be in demand.

Does anybody have any thoughts on the matter?

Hi Sanchez,

I don't really know much about this issue, but just thought I'd comment any way. My wife is a loss control engineer for a large insurance firm and she was talking to one of their clients who is a real estate firm specialising in luxury accomodation rental. So I guess there are people out there who do it. I think my wife told me their main clients are overseas executives who's employment package includes a luxury apartment, or movie stars and the like when they come to sydney to film.


Hey Sanchez,

Double Bay at $1.12 mil a year ago has just received an offer of $2.3 mil !!! (And I have a VERY happy client.)

Was rented out for $1,230 pw and 1 week vacancy the past year.

So yes they work fine:

1) Land content??
2) Rental reality??

So due diligence is required;


Thanks Steve and John

I would guess that probably the most important issue with this type of apartment would be to get the location right. Some I have been looking at are off the plan, around the concord area, not exactly close to the city, but not that far either. It may not be the best location for a luxury tyoe apartment. Any thoughts?