Hi All,

I have just bought a 450m2 land in Hendra (Brisbane) and am hoping to build my dream home on it. I realize it's not a big block but I have seen some amazing building installed on very limited space - This brings me to my question.. Can anyone one here help me out with locating a primer builder who is experienced or specialised in designing and building luxury homes in small blocks? I've heard Plantation homes may fall in this category but I am not so sure. I have researched H4, Sanctum and David Reid Homes but was wondering if there was anyone one else out there who offer a one stop shop sorta service (design and build). My budget for a 2 storey luxury home is 450K. Thanks!
if it's your dream, luxury home on a small block maybe you'd be better off having it designed by a architect or draftsman then getting quotes from builders
Architect are often worth it IMO, They can organise the builders for you, all for a price if course. Make sure they know your firm budget though.

Not sure how luxury $450k will be, depends on your ideas, your design and finishes. Is the block flat, ground works can suck up serious cash.

If you've seen new or renod houses around you can sometimes jump on the BCC web site and get some great ideas off the plans.
For suitable builders check out the master Builders Association annual awards - that will give you some idea of what the best in the industry provide.

Also look at project home type display villages as these have a wide range of builders to review.

+1 for the use of an architect.
Hi All,

I have just bought a 450m2 land in Hendra (Brisbane) budget for a 2 storey luxury home is 450K. Thanks!

450 SQM'S is a good size block,just sit down and work out a rough plan and within that price range this company may give you more bang for your bucks,btw I have nothing to do with this builder but have seen the end result and the sales prices they end up with..imho..

I've looked at Kalka but found Marvilla Knight (marvillaknight.com.au) were less costly but same or better construction quality (note: I have no association with Marvilla Knight).
I just built my PPOR on a small block in Sydney and went down the custom builder route. Happy with the outcome.

Some charge a premium on what you would pay with a volume project home builder. I was lucky to find one that was good value and did a good job.

Drive round the suburbs and new estates where there are lots of new builds. You will see builders signs on the fences. Perhaps 5 to 10% will be custom builds by smaller builders that you will be unfamiliar with and don't have display homes or flashy websites.

The display homes are not necessarily a reliable indicator of the build quality of the end product that you may end up with.

For any builder, do your due diligence. Assess stability / viability, build / completion times, quality of construction. Be very wary if you notice excessively long delays ( although that can be due to finance issues their client may be having ). Try and talk to actual clients for underway or recently completed builds in your area.