Mag story on profitable reno

Hi all,
Looking to profile someone for our magazine who has done a very profitable renovation in a quick turnaround. If you're interested, drop me a line.
I made 20,000,000 in 2 weeks without lifting a finger..........Indonesian Rupiah that is

can I get a photo? :)
Back on deck

Actually have another, made around $70k in 3 months. Equity that is.
Hi all,
Sorry for the late replies - been away from work for a stretch.
It is for an API story. Someone who made $100k in six months would be in the ball park, so $70k in three months sounds good.
I just want to do a story where most of the profit is made from being smart with the reno rather than just buying something super-distressed or riding a market up. I'll drop you a message Hodge.
Also for everyone else, the mag has a new editor and some new monthly features underway ? might find it a bit different now.
Feel free to drop me a message anytime.