Making an offer on property as my share of parents estate

I would like some thoughts on this situation. I would like to 'have" [as my share in dec'd estate ] older home in a regional area,for IP I have paid for a valuation and would like ideas/thoughts as to what to offer.The valuation price, or a bit less ,as there won't be any selling / REA costs. Also I won't have to pay any Stamp Duty[ or minimal ],depending on final value of estate.
I will need to renovate , so of course I want a bargain,but I want to be fair from the start of negotiations with the family. My first thought is valuation ,any other ideas would be appreciated. Cheers
A sworn valuation can really be your ONLY option. There is no real need (in my view) to make offers. Just pay your fair share (no REA comms involved anyway) and everyone involved will be happy and there will be no 'family' comeback on you years down the track because you scored a 'bargain'.