Making the most of a small block

Making the most of a small block development.

Hi all.

Well it's looking good for a rezoning of my first not so good ip currently returns 5% but a rezoning opens the block up from standard residential to a new style of zoning allowing flats, units, townhouse even small single room style apartments.

Now my block is small ,roughly 530 sqm(13 by 40). But the plus is the existing house is just 2 meters from front boundry and it has a 4 meter side clearence.this gives me a 22m by 13m parcel of land to play with.

Now being in the cbd (regional city south coast). I'm aiming at the buisiness couple or proffesional worker. This is a strong market in the cbd.

Ok now I'm finally at my question.thanks for reading this far.
Since this is not your standard type of build I have these questions.

How do you go about designing a development like this. I'm think I will keep the two bedder to the front and I'll build one 3 bedder in the back or 2 2 bedders.

Are there any floorplans available on the net to get some ideas.

Does anyone have a better idea of getting the most out of this block.

Does anyone have any general advice to offer before I get too exited.

Any info would be appreciated

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Difficult to find decent plans online...

I did this exercise last year and found if you search builders you may find something as a foundation to work with possibly...

If you want something unique however, go spend the money on a decent plan from scratch...well worth the effort designing from scratch.

The block size is not that small so should not be to difficult to come up with ideas...

You can always apply for boundary relaxations for the front and sides, remove eaves on the building etc to get extra interior space......

Best of luck...
Thanks csc2

I originally planned to just add a two bedroom extention on the back to increase yield slightly and give a better run at CG in the future. But this new zoning opens up things more.

At a minimum i can now add a detached dual occ. I couldnt before.
But i could potentially add two 2x1,s on the back. or a 3 bedder with G flat attached. Many options all of which i think will need to be custom designed.Furnished serviced apartments are possible too.

At first it would seem to be too much for a small block but being a inner cbd block. Demand isnt for big yards. people want nice living space and a short walk to cafes,pubs,shops etc.

Does anyone have info on how they have made the most of a block like this ? Or even seen a good development along the same lines.