Manipulate super for IP use?



From: Martin .

Apart from a brief look at a SMSF flier (Self Managed Superannuation Fund) and the odd dark hint on this forum, finding a way to use my super towards IP funding still seems out of reach.

I've heard that if I had enough in there to separately control an IP using super that it is somehow doable.

As mine is not up to doing that outright the option I'm wondering about is the use super to buy shares in own company and put money into IP that way - (the super can sort itself out back from the shares at the age 65 or whenever it's meant to be available finally).

Of course this method may not be doable but I know some way must exist to at least manipulate super for IP use even if it's untouchable.

The best method, providing there is any, would hopefully not gobble up too much in being set up, and not take until age 65 to be put into action.

(Why does "doable" get through the spell check?)

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From: Anonymous

I'm no expert on super and the rules are INCREDIBLY convoluted and complicated but...

I understand that this has been done in the past using the super funds to buy units in a unit trust, the trustee company owns the land and contracts with another company (the developer) which actually undertakes the development to insulate from trading and operational risks.

The unit trust then borrows the balance of funds required to pay the developer for the development. A I understand it this effectively a way of getting around the prohibitions on super funds borrowing.

I also understand that the ability to do this may have been elminated by amendments to the super legislation requiring arms-length investments...


Where's Dale when we need him?

But I may be wrong. Get your own legal and accounting advice when the time's right. (if you get some now but aren't yet in a position to contemplate it, the rules will almost certainly have changed.
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From: RM .


I am no expert either but I came across this site -

If you go to the FAQ page, it runs through probably most of the obvious questions with half decent answers.

The answers are for an SMSF (self managed super fund).

Hope this helps
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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


No, the rules were changed a little while ago and so now the Unit Trust idea is out the window. Sorry.

Your super fund cannot buy shares in your own company either.

Be very careful. You are looking in the wrong area, I believe.

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