Map of Rental Returns

Hi everyone,

I've been going through the ABS 2011 Census data to try and create some useful maps for property investors and I've created sets of maps for the five major Australian cities showing how much renters are paying. Hopefully, this will help you get an idea as to where it would be profitable to invest. I've created the maps at the highest level of data detail available, to give you the clearest picture.

The map for Sydney is here:

For Sydney, there's a clear divide, with a 45-degree line of sorts cutting through the metropolitan area of high rental returns and low rental returns.

You can find the other cities' maps here:

This looks great. It would be even better for investors if you could show gross yield instead of absolute rents paid. That way its normalised against purchase price.

Unfortunately, I don't think the ABS releases median property prices (or at least on the same level), so I can't do a gross yield calculation, unless you know of somewhere I can get that data?
Wow, amazing how misleading stats can be. Once you realise that no adjustment has been made for houses/unit mix, no. of bedrooms etc then the info becomes a very rough guide. Great for mapping the lack of affordability as opposed to rental returns, very effective for social planners not capitalist investors (180 degrees opposed).