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From: Rick Kirk

Hi all,

This may have been asked before but I was wondering if the seasoned investors out there could post some tips on where they do their market research.

Every now and then I here references to different places to see growth rates in areas (all over Australia), tenancy rates, vacancy rates, median house prices etc etc

Could those in the know please share. Whether it be free information or purchased information. I'd love to know where to get it from.

Thanks in advance.

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From: Glenn Mott

Hi Rick,

It would really help if you told us where you lived as most of the state based Real Estate institutes in Australia have their own websites which are very informative.

For example, I live in Perth and the url for REIWA is

Using a seach engine such as you could type in "Real Estate Institute state" where the state is the state that you live in.

Good luck

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From: Rick Kirk

Hi Glenn.

Sorry about that... I'm in Melbourne. But I am interested in country wide information.

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From: Tibor Bode


Some research info (I am focusing on QLD, but some might ne useful)

RESIDEX report (if exist for Melbourne and country Victoria
HTW report (it is monthly and free)
PRD realty report (it was also free when I looked at last time)
not sure about, but and
are useful reference sites.
talk to RE agents in your selected area. Find the "chatty" types and let them talk. They can provide excellent source of local info, once they consider you as a serious buyer
Buyers agent in VIC. They might not be active in the area you are researching, but also can help you.
API magazine
If the Victorian government has a web site (I assume they have) register yourself for press releases via email.

I hope it helps. I am sure there is plenty more, but immediately this pops into my mind.

Good research and hunting.

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From: J Parker

Also try reading the back section of API magazine- some useful tables at the back might help you out.
Cheers, Jacque :)
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