Marsden Qld

I was hoping to get some feedback on Marsden qld. The whole area of logan seems to get a back wrap from people I know that know qld well, refering it to some of the poorest areas in qld, aliken it to Mt Druitt here in NSW.

Ive seen some nice houses for under 300K that fetch approx. $330 - $350 rent a week.

Whats the area like for those that know? I like its location between brisbane and the gold coast...but I am a bit weary of its ghetto reputation.

I will be flying out there next month to check it out...but was hoping to get some feedback from the forum here.

Good growth and good yield although the lower socio-economic aspect may result in a cr*p tenant. Get a good PM on board, stop listening to people in QLD and make the plunge.

I like Logan - it's got a lot going for it. The prices IMO have steadily increased over the last 8 months since I've been watching and it may be QLD's time for a boom.