marsden...which streets are good?

Hi Im flying out to qld this weekend...first time in brissy and want to look at a few places in the marden area. Any know the suburb well enough to provide insight? Im looking at houses in brandon st and therese st.

Also, since its on the fence with loganlea, does that give marsden a bad rep and if so, what quality of tenants should I expect?

Ive searched the forums and all postings on this subject is dated by a few years so any fresh perspective would be greatly appreciated.

I used to teach in Marsden, part of Logan City. As a rental if it stacks up well and good but it is a rough area.
The demographics is changing in the area. I used to own a property in Therese St and it is a quite street close to shops. The houses are small as was the way the estate was developed back then.

Both Loganlea and Marsden are undergoing a lot of redevelopment of new housing and 4 bedroom properties achieve rent from $370 to $400 per week.

Message me your particulars and I can tell you where to go to get more information on the areas including pictures and sales data on the properties you want to look at.
I have an IP in Birch st Marsden which I bought sight unseen. I'd never even been to QLD when I bought the house. Overall I am pretty happy about my purchase. It is true there are lot of new houses being built in the area but my house has never been vacant for the last 5 years. Only issue with buying in this area is higher council raates. I didn't take that in to consideration when I bought my IP. Even though they say it is a low socioeconomic area, it is not that bad actually. Lots of protental I reckon.