Hi all,

Wondering the forums opinion of Matraville in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

It ticks a few boxes ie <15ks from city, close to beach, transport and schooling.

Ive read the local council is undergoing a bit of a main street revamp.

Anyone have any experience in the area?

Matraville is becoming a better area. Still heaps of housing commission so best to drive out there to check out the location of any properties for sale. As a rough guide, the closer to the coast, the more housing commission. Close to Anzac Pd is a bit scary, there are security guards at the bus stop in the evenings. But the other end of Matraville is very nice. Also show a bit of caution on the Matraville/Hillsdale border too, lots of housing commission there too.

Prices have gone up a lot recently as Maroubra, Pagewood and Little Bay are becoming unaffordable. 4 years ago we were looking at semis around the 500-550K mark and those prices are long gone now.

The area near the shops is definitely the more desirable part of Matraville and with the large blocks there is potential to put in duplexes or even townhouses.
"The area near the shops is definitely the more desirable part of Matraville and with the large blocks there is potential to put in duplexes or even townhouses."

Hi Beachgurl,

Do you mean the Bunnerong Rd shops (pub, 7-11, Post office)?

Ive heard they are building 100+ units with a supermarket and specialty shops at the site of the old post office?

thanks for the pitch

it seems like an okay place, although lots of OO's and not a big rental market. i suppose this development will be bringing renters to the area.
Hi Tab, sorry for the delay in responding. Yep, I'm talking about the area nearer to the Bunnerong Rd end of Matraville. The other side of Bunnerong Rd near Beauchamp Rd it starts to go downhill again as you get close to Hillsdale.

I don't really agree that Matraville is a well kept secret. Each to their own, but with the large number of housing commission in the area it will never step up to the other suburbs around it while this demographic still exists. People were saying this about Hillsdale a few years back and now there is an even greater divide between Hillsdale and it's surrounding suburbs. I'd say there would be some good buys in there and like most areas, property values will go up but I recommend you select your street carefully.

ive heard about pt botany getting an upgrade. a 3rd port operator and an extended bulk liquids berth around towards the yarra bay side.

i suppose many of the new workers will like to live locally.

i have seen the housing commission near the school and up towards anzac pde and agree they have a stigma attached to them however it i reckon lexington is much more affected (and subsequently has low prices too)

i suppose when you look at matravile from the <15ks, transport, schools, beaches perspective, it ticks a few boxes so the DoH has kept the suburb affordable.