MB who is interstate ?

Using a MB who is interstate ?

I always thought that it would be too difficult to work with an mb who lives in another state to you.

Are there many ss's who do this?

I guess you can communice by email. Phone calls would be expensive though wouldn't they? Is skype easy to download? Msn live?

What about when I need to hand over my bank statements birth certificates things like that. Fax them, scan, email them? How does that work?

How do you go about it? Any disadvantages?

My sister did just fine getting her pre-approval from her old Sydney broker. Sister now lives in Perth. So I guess it can be done. lol she beat me to it. She just bought an ip.
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I used an interstate MB to buy our second IP. No disadvantages. Even with our first IP where I used a local broker I did everything over the phone and by email, so didn't really make any difference.

The most important thing (I found) was other people's recommendation. Our second MB was just so cluey and top notch that it was a breeze. NOTHING got left to chance, EVERYTHING was followed up. He is an absolute gem.

Most of the time he called me, so no increase in costs really due to phone calls and communication.

Good luck with whoever you use. There are some wonderful MB's on this site - just look back over past threads - they all stand out.
Our broker was in Victoria and we are in Rural SA, did everything via email/phone/fax.

Our ID was a dreadful quality scan, initialled by a 90yo JP who didn't have their glasses, and I kind of had to point to where on the paper she had to sign. And of course, it was a lodoc.

We could have been anyone ...
we ae in nsw - our broker is in qld (rolf) - and my conveyancer is 4 hours drive away (8 hr round trip) so i've never met him in the 10yrs we've done business with him.

for the period we were living in south aust we had none of our experts in the same state as us.

doesn't stop us having a good working relationship and things done just as efficiently as if they were in the same town.
I've never met my conveyancer either and I've used them for 4 purchases and two sales now ... I think it would be bad luck to meet them face to face!
I use Rolf as well. Admittedly he was in NSW when we started with him, but the purchases run just as smoothly from afar. After trying some local larakins that went by the name of "Broker" in our formative years, it was a huge improvement to serviceability (and service) to deal with someone who knows what they are doing and deals with many investors.
Hi Kim,

My Mortgage Broker financed 5 deals in QLD for me before I even met her.

She was recommended to me by one of my Property Managers.:eek:

It is her fault I now do what I do!;):D

I have also not met my Queensland Conveyancers.

Personally, I don't understand friends that have to go and see their accountants to ask them questions. Why not phone?

I guess it all comes down to what you are comfortable with.

Regards JO
From a brokers point of view, often it's actually easier to deal with people remotely. I have clients in every state of Australia, a few in S.E. Asia, USA, Europe and the UK. Many of whom I met through this forum. I try to meet as many people face to face eventually, but there's still a few I've never been able to catch up with.

Phone calls are surprisingly cheap when you buy them in a business plan. The phone calls also tend to be fairly straight to the point, so the business tends to get done more efficiently.

I've also written loans from some interesting places when on holidays - on a ship in Alaska, I once hijaked someone's unsecured internet connection in rural Canada (naughty me) and from a very dodgy hotel room in Hanoi (at least the internet connection was good).

The best part is, I plan my holidays around clients, so they're partially tax deductible. If anyone wants to catch up next February in New Zealand let me know... :)
I'm NSW...

Broker is Rolf...QLD

Accountant in VIC...who took over from Dale GG

All done by email and phone....easy peasy...

The more you know about what you are doing obviously the better and faster you will be able to deal with out of state advisers..;)