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From: Mark Laszczuk

Hey guys,
I'm looking for median house prices in the Geelong area, but REIV doesn't do anything outside Melbourne, which is a little annoying. Does the valuer general do these? If so, can someone post the web address please? Or can I access the info. from real estate agents in the area?

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From: Juzz O'K


Extremely unfortunate, i've looked up
all my recent mags & nothing for medians for
Geelong, the best info I could find at my fingertips was
valuer generals info (1999,2000)2 yrs old. ie Houses $145,000.Postcode 3220 says only 1 sold for 1.5M on
the esplanade.
13% pa Growth rate 99 to 2000.
Lack of info could be a problem.

Solution could be to obtain direct sales
results via council.
Do they publish results in a local paper??
Do you own pricing.
Another is to access the relevant database
used by estate agents for that area.

Best of Luck

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