Meetings in metro Melbourne and VIC - What locations?

Which locations would you attend informal meetings in Victoria?

  • Mitcham

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Doncaster

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Brunswick

    Votes: 9 39.1%
  • Sunshine

    Votes: 4 17.4%
  • CBD

    Votes: 10 43.5%
  • Chadstone

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Ballarat

    Votes: 2 8.7%
  • Geelong

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • Peninsula

    Votes: 5 21.7%
  • Need more options...

    Votes: 6 26.1%

  • Total voters
There's lots of people who've stated they'll attend the Melbourne Somersoft meetings in various locations often people cancel at the last moment or don't show for various reasons. This has lead to the meeting stagnating a little and the last few have been held in Mitcham.

I'd like to get an idea of who would be interested in meeting at various locations. We would really love to see more people at more meetings but it's hard to get an idea of what to do if it's the same handful showing up every month at the same venues.

The meeting format is generally at a hotel, having dinner and discussing ideas and projects. There's usually no agenda and all are welcome. Currently meetings are held on Tuesdays early in the month, but this is flexible.

Additionally anyone is welcome to organise a meeting, any time, anywhere.

Please vote in multiple categories if appropriate. Also please try to attend.
We may need to move the nights around too, as depending on the timetabling at uni, I can be a no show for many months....:( I know it makes it a bit unpredictable....

The Y-man
Hi Peter,

Perhaps some more options for people living in the Western suburbs would be helpful. Suburbs like Footscray, Yarraville, Williamstown and Newport offer a variety of culinary options and are accessible to those of us living on this side of town.

Regards Jason
Perhaps within the 10km radius of the CBD to make it easier for those who don't stay in the east ?

Also, if possible a Thursday nite might be an more attractive option?

Thank you