"Melb: Quick cheap and easy Kitchen, Carport, BIR "

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Dear Forum.


One of my IP's in the inner west of Melbourne has become vacant, I would like to boost the rental return via a quick fix to the following items, can anyone recommend any good companies, tradespeople etc to do any/all of the following.


<li> I would like to quickly improve the kitchen via new cupboards, bench tops, sink, tap wear and maybe dishwasher and stove. Any ball park figures for this (yes its a how long is a piece of string question).

<li> I would also like to install/build a carport, in keeping with a californian bungalow. Any ideas about what the minimum I should pay for this?

<li> I think to build-in, large wall to ceiling robes, in 2 of the bedrooms.


I think that with the above 3 things I could boost rentals by $20~30 pw ($1100~$1650 per year). If I want a 12% return on invested funds ( I pay 6%), then I calculate that would mean I should pay no more than $9000 ~ $13,000 for the above. Does this make sense?


Does anyone else have any good ideas to help boast rental returns?
Any help, tips pointers to companies or tradespeople who can do any of the above would be greatly appreciated.

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