Melbourne 2030 changing demographics and the unit boom

Hi guys

New to SS and thought I might share.

Another site I like to check from time to time is Urban Melbourne, there's some great stuff if you're interested in infrastructure, town planning and large scale OTP unit developments (I would never buy one as an IP but tall buildings interest me)

Anyway, the demographic crunch is coming and I think we all know that this means many more units. But how many more?

This article: explores that question.

If their forecasts are accurate I think it has some pretty significant consequences for long term IPs. It would seem to me that while the demand for houses will always remain strong the ratio between units to houses will begin to change and result in seriously limited supply of housing stock compared to units (I think this process is actually already well under way).

My bet would be, in 20 years time, whether you're perceived as rich or poor will depend just as much on 'Where do you live?' as 'Do you live in a house or an apartment'?


Exactly, and everytime one house is pulled down and replaced with three units you have one less house in the suburb and three more units. I think, as much as I can, I am going to stick to buying houses.