Melbourne August 2009 - MIG Dinner/Meeting

Ah! Back at the Moreland!

An evening under that wonderful 'ceiling in the sky'!

I'll be there, Mike may be in Sydney / Mildura / Perth depending on how the machines are behaving

DOH! Missed the last and was keen to get to this one! Unfortunately, have a work function on that same night! Oh well, guess I'll see you all in September! =)

Thanks, Y-Man for organising this

Those of us who did venture out on this cold and blustery Melbourne evening had a few hours of quite spirited discussion - led off by Spiderman telling us with great animation about the Chelsea Sailing Club losing the top level of it's club rooms in the last wind storm!

Great to have beach front property but there is nothing to deflect the wind when it comes in straight across the water.

The Bay may be but a Bay, but at 1,924 square kilometres there is nothing for quite a way to modify a wind gust of that strength.

Hope to see a few more happy investors next month!