Melbourne Carpet and Bathroom Vanity Suggestions?

Hi just finishing a reno in Melb. Frustrating as anything not being down there to source products myself and I know I could get them alot cheaper.

Anyhow doing a flying trip on Thursday and would appreciate your thoughts on reasonably priced carpet and bathroom vanity suppliers.

For carpet try Western Distributors in Nth Sunshine. We shopped around for a while got a best price of $9500 for some carpet, then found the same at these guys for $7200. Good service too
Thanks for that guys I appreciate your help.

Anyone have a place for bathroom vanities?


Jane, ..... have a look in the Yellow Pages for kitchen/bathroom auction houses in Melbourne .....

I am renovating a flat in Queanbeyan at present found one of these auction places in the local yellow pages. I managed to get a brand new 800mm vanity with cupboards, ceramic basin/top, mixer tap, plug and drain for $300 at one of these types of auction places last week.

The vanity had a small defect about the size of a 20c coin on one of the sides that will go against the wall, so it won't be seen. I bought before auction day, ... they wanted $365, but I offered cash and used the small defect to negotiate lower. Same type of vanities would have cost me $600-$800 in regular shop.

Oh yeah I will also be buying towel rails etc from them as well, ..... 900mm towel rails start at $15 .... It is for a rental and I'm into keeping within my budget.

Good hunting

I have managed to buy bathroom stuff in the past from Builders Renovators Warehouse for just as cheap as the auctions, esp. floorstock or when on sale. They have a few branches, I believe.