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From: B F

Has anyone heard of a sales group named "Logic Asset Solutions". They are trying the hard sell to get me to fly to Melbourne to look at IP. No property names, or information on whether it existing or is off the plan,and they claim to be independent.

They tried to get me to fly out the next day.

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards

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From: Fredo J

Ambition is the lock motivation the key

Tell them you have a buyers advocate and give my name, I am always looking at property and will put some space between you and them
I will give you the details and an opinion on the proposal send me details to
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From: Mark Pardi

I would tend to be concerned about the level of enthusiasm to send you to Melbourne

And the lack of information supplied upfront.

Are they paying for the ticket ?

another sure sign if they are.

We have an office in Melbourne. I would be happy to check out your inquiry for you.


Mark Pardi
General Manager
Property Buyers Network NSW Pty Ltd

02 9025 3525
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