Melbourne February 2010 Somersoft Meeting

Hi All,

Dinner meeting 7pm onwards on Wednesday 24th Feb

The Bistro at Hotel Shoppingtown (opposite Doncaster Shoppingtown)
13- 21 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster VIC 3108
Telephone: (03) 9848 6811

Booked under: Somersoft

Please respond to this thread so I can firm up numbers for booking

Everyone - especially new members of the forum, lurkers, etc - welcome! :)

Look forward to seeing you there!

The Y-man
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I think Michael will be doing his celebrated imitation of The Lone Ranger and be off fixing machines somewhere, but I'll come (saves me from eating my own cooking!)

Hi Ho Silver!

I'd like to attend

Hello YMan,
I am a newbie / lurker and I would love to attend the dinner, so please count me in.
Exited to meet real live property investors.
cheers Janet
Hey Y-Man

I'm meant to be working, but If I can get out of it I will! Haven't been to a 'catchup' yet, so look forward to meeting you all soon.


Hello YMan, what name are you booking the dinner under, as I don't know what anyone looks like I'd hate to sit at the wrong table.
cheers Janet