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Hello everyone,

It seems that most people are at least considering re-financing or getting a better deal from their lender(s). If any of you are in that boat, and would like to know what other options you may have (no obligation, no applications matter who the lender is), please phone this number.

0438 592 299....his name is Hans.

Tell him someone posted this on Jan Somers Forum. Yes, he's a broker, one that I've been using for 7 years...and he's not joined to the hips of any one particular lender...and has some good valuers who co-operate well...and has always gotten me the best deal.

Nothing in it for me, just repaying back the help I received when I first started in the RE game.

You may as well try...what's there to lose?

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From: Anonymous

Mike, it is connected...but goes through to a paging service when he's not available. Try again, or Monday at his office on (03) 9356 4199.

Have a great weekend.

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