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From: Dave :)

Hi everyone!

Thanks to all of who who have indicated you'd like to attend so far. Details of this first off, get-together are as follows:


Thursday 26th July 2001


Conference Room 2, Level 1
242 Exhibition Street
Melbourne Vic 3000


7:00PM to 9:00 PM
Note: Need to arrive before 7:00PM

How To:

Walk passed Reception Desk, up the escalator, turn right, passed glass door, turn right, turn right first door, continue along corridor.

Conference Room 2 on left clearly marked. (If you're intellectually challenged, like myself, please print these instructions before you hop into the car! :-o)
There will be a board outside the conference area, stating room no: name of conference ie "Melbourne Investor Network",
with My Forum name as organizer - Dave :)


$5 per cover the cost of function room hire, equipment hire and supplies, tea/coffee/biscuits. Please bring this on the night. And, exact money would be great...I don't want to have to raid the nearest Pokies venue for change.

If people have trouble getting in after 7:00PM, they can call VANNIDA on 0407-704-082. Phone Number for Conference Room 2 is 03 9634 2385 (should only be used for if I fall down 6 flights of stairs).

This should be a relaxed, fun night where the goal is simply to meet, bounce ideas off one another, have some laughs and put a plan in place for all future meetings. Whether you're an experienced property investor, or a novice/beginner, please come along. We're all going to get a lot out of it. Bring pens/notepads along if you like. And, start putting any ideas/suggestions down on paper now, in preparation.

PLEASE indicate your RSVP by replying on this same post in the MEETING POINT forum, rather than by emailing's so much easier to keep track of. Indicate the number of people attending also.

Hope to get as many replies as possible....and see you all there!

p.s. I'd like to thank Vannida, one of the 'Newbies' on the forum (The Undergraduate..drop her a cheerio!) for finding and booking the venue. She's been a great help...


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From: Annie Morison

Hi Dave,

Thanks for organizing the meeting.

Love to be there. Put me down for 2 please.


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