Melbourne Places!!

There are still a few places available for this weekends course. (Sat 9th & Sun 10th)

First in best dressed:
Contact Bridie (02) 6260 8888

Look forward to seeing you all there,


Most people would know that it only costs $250 for the w/e. Excellent value, and well worthg the investment of a weekend (imho).
id go again Geoff but baby no 3 might not wait for monday.
Will go again in melb in feb though,i want to take my apprentice along for the weekend.
hes very interested in property.

Just tell the kid to stay put for the weekend.

Steve's stuff is worth it!

I am on record (in the old forum) as saying I remain sceptical about some things- though I am less so than I was initially. I still retain my right to have opinions which are different to Steve's (or anybody's, for that matter). But Steve's stuff was a real eye opener.

I still can't believe though that he is leaving God's country to go to Sydney.

And I can't believe that, after saying how much he enjoyed the lifestyle of being a walk away from work in Canberra, that he only walked the 1.5km once!

So you left a freezing winter- and a not-too-unpleasant summer- to go to a bl*dy humid unpleasant summer?

I'd like to see you walk to your office from home in Sydney (between November and March)!

I mentioned in a previous post that I like a climate where the MWWI does not exceed 5 in a summer.

(MWWI = Mrs Whitfield's Whinge Index. Any day where she complains about the humidity, the index increases by one. Five days a year in Canberra indicates that the climate is bearable. It's probably 60+ in Sydney. And much higher again in Brisbane. It's semi-frivolous- but, to me, it's one way of indicating the comfort zone of a location. And yes, Canberra does get cold... but oftenm Canberra homes have better defences against cold than Sydney homes have against humidity and heat).
Geoff, Geoff, Geoff,

Actually, its the humility that gets me every time!

Besides, it's the boss that says I havta go to Sydney.
How d'ya fight that???