Melbourne Residential Apartment Market report



From: Dave :)

The part I find most interesting is the section outlining where all the upcoming approved developments are going up. Even though growth in Port Melbourne and Brunswick has been phenomenal, there will inevitably be a point at which supply exceeds demand. This has happened in parts of Melbourne CBD already. The Sydney apartment market has already reached saturation point, according to a report I recently read. Apparently there is enough stock to cater for 12 months worth of demand...and yet developers continue to build.

I'm happy to own a diamond. However, if there are 150 other diamond owners in my area, and only 100 diamond buyers, I'd rather own an exclusive sapphire in an area where there are 50 buyers wanting one.

Let me know if any of you are interested in future editions of this report. I could always post it here for all to see, if there is a demand for it.


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From: Mike .

Hi Dave,

As someone who has followed the forum fairly closely, the topic of market trends has been relatively neglected given its importance in determining when, where and what to buy.

Since I'm a long distance investor who want to diversify between the Eastern States, I would find it invaluable if more discussion of market trends occurred on the forum.

Up to now the forum has covered most of the tax, lending, buying, selling and property management issues all of which will be indexed for future reference in the AMG Conference.

Of course changes in legislation can affect all these areas and, therefore, prompt further discussions. However, the areas which constantly change are the economy/interest rates and demographics. Since timing is important for buying well enough to get the short term gain required to continue the buying process, I feel the forum can serve the majority better by posting the kind of useful info you have.
Let's see more of that.

If I wasn't going to London, shortly, I'd be doing the same as yourself for the Sydney scene. Although, Sydney isn't as affordable as Melbourne.

Regards, Mike
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