Minimum building cost for new house


I have seen some lands for sale in the NSW country (with facilities ready) and was wondering at how much it would cost to have a 2 or 3 bedroom house on it, the lowest price.

You will say, made of cardboard or Tasmanian oak or bricks?
Well I don't know. To start, what is the lowest expected/reasonable price for a new home? I have done heaps of exhaustive and failed searches. I only found display homes over $120,000.
I am looking a may be 1/2 of that. Sorry if I make you laugh, life has not spoilt me with finance and ex-v...t husband so I do my best with what I have (no work). I have no idea at all at the cost of a house-only in the country, and if builtd from scratch, the length of time to be completed.

Thank you very much for your help

Hello there,

Firstly I don't think you can find any builder that will put a house on any block for the kind of money that your talking about.
I have heard people speak of kit homes which you build yourself and come in cheaper, but you would have to be pretty handy. Not sure of the costs involved but I'm sure someone else can help out with this :p

Is there any specific reason you want a new house? I'd be suggesting looking at an established one. Then you can move right in, or start collecting rent straight away if you plan to have it as an IP. It will also probably work out cheaper.
How about a relocateable home?
In terms of new, those display type homes don't include site costs and slab in the price so will need to be factored into.
A project builder (major builder with displays etc) would be the cheapest.
Bear in mind all builders major or custom will charge extra for rural locations so that would need to be factored when costing.

Relocatable home would be the cheapest I would think.
Transportable/relocatable homes are brilliant in country areas. You can get a 2br for ~$50k and 3br for ~$70k, but expect to pay at least $80k for something nice, then you need to add delivery, service connections and 'extras' which can run to around $20-30k. The most expensive extra is likely to be a solar hot water service at about $4000 if you're not in an area you can do piped gas, or you don't want to change gas bottles every month for a bottled gas hws.
shipping container homes...

a friend does it - I just can't find the link to the site at the moment - but you can string a few together, put in all of the mod cons and render it etc to make it look like a normal house - VERY cheap...

I think you can buy a 40 footer for about 4-5k...put a few together in various shapes etc and fit them out it works out very well priced.
Bluesky, would you be better off purchasing an existing home to take some of the risk out of deal? You don't want to budget on it costing $70k and then it blows out...

you could also look at purchasing an old queenslander style home and moving to your block?? you can pick one up for around (sometimes under) then have it transported on a truck to your locale and site it - can then worry about any renos etc at your leisure.

quite common around Brisbane...
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Hello every one

Firstly thank you all for your replies, as a new member it is nice and comforting.
So here we are, I have about 90K cash to invest and I want it in a IP. I have not worked in years for some reasons external to my wish. As I live in Sydney East, money can only be for an investment property, hopefully, investment.
I will not seek advise for a mortgage, that anyway I won't be getting and I do not want one. As such, I am first after cash flow and hopefully picking a right property to get some growth.

So, I do not need to get an immediate rental return, yet the quicker the better. With the location being a country one, I have to do some good smart (!) homework, and will later seek for your thoughts, and financial expert one.

This is why I was asking about cost of having a house on a land, as I have seen some reasonable sale price for lands in good rural/country side (Yet again, I just looked on 2 Dimemsions ... poor still, I know .... still working on my homework, just started...)

The issue about non-brick made house is that I have absolutely no idea of how living in a non-brick house is like, how people regard timber, weatherboard and other substitute/alternative. Personally if I have the choice, I will always pick a brick one, feeling safer :confused:?

Further, I assume that the type of construction impacts on the rental return. I assume that bricks is more demanded so more expensive to rent :confused:????

Unfortunately, I am too emotional with it ie: I should disregard what I feel about construction type as my feeling do not reflect the general opinion :confused:??????

I would like to know more about the different types, their worth, pro and cons.
May be after all the best is to build, from my reading in this post, building, whatever building have risks I cannot take. Then there is the relocatable one, but again I do not know how it is to live in it and where it stand in the chance of renting.

So many questions for such a little investment. May be I should ease my pain and indeed take that torturing question away by buying land and house together. :)

Thank you all, and again, the support you give one another is remarkable.

Is there any group in Sydney Est? or people I can meet