Missed Opportunities

From: Dale Gatherum-Goss


As we all know, each of us are presented with opportunities all the time. Sometimes we see them, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we act on them and again, sometimes we later think . . . I wish I had acted on the opportunity.

Yesterday, was one of those opportunities!

Fancy having the opportunity to sit and listen to TW, Les, & Jas talk about their renovating experiences.

Or, hear Sim, Les, & Bob discuss the economic reasons for interest rate changes.

Or, TW, Sim, Bob, & Jas talk to young Matt about how the tax system works in general and in terms of IP's.

Or, Yuch & Michael G explaining about their WRAPS, how they work, the systems they're implementing, and the problems that they're having to overcome.

Or, Joanna talking about her new venture in developments.

Or, TW talking about meetings that she holds with her accountant and solicitor.

Or, Rob Forward talking about developing a relationship with a real estate agent who is now feeding him opportunities.

Sure, we laughed a lot and had some fun, but, in the process of the day, there was much valuable information freely discussed and shared.

I was saddened to see that so many people did not take the opportunity to learn from people who are DOING something and to begin the process of developing a relationship that might allow more opportunities in the future.

Congratulations Matt, I am a huge fan of yours because you took a chance to listen and learn. I hope that it was worth your while.

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From: Geoff Whitfield


Perhaps for some, a pub crawl might be a bit dangerous :)

Thanks for the comments. I'm starting to find about the Freestylers, and about meeting people who are very positive about investing, that it is a great experience to get positive feedback from people about the things they are doing, and about the things that can be done.

Like many, I work in a place where many people are very negative. (The ATO contributed to the negativity for a while!). So it's a great learning experience, and a great reinforcement, to get back into the world of positive people.

But I might leave the pub crawls to the younger ones <grin>.
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From: Sim' Hampel

Geoff, if it is the drinking part that worries you, from my count there were at least 4 of us (possibly more) who either drank very little or not at all.

You don't need to drink to have a good time or to wander from pub to pub talking and having fun with a great bunch of people.

The most stenuous bit was all the bending and stretching while trying to write on Yuch's and Rob's T-Shirts !

Heck, if Les can make it, anyone can ! Goodonya Les ;-)

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From: Les .

Absolutely, Sim' - the wanderings and the discussions were great - though writing on Yuch's T-shirt had to be right up there too ;^) The beer wasn't too bad (but I can now tell you which pubs to AVOID to save being ripped off!!)

But the people there "made" the day. It was a fun day with just THE BEST people and well worth overcoming my reticence in travelling to Sydney (and home again much later) by train... I'd normally opt for car travel, but car parking prices in Sydney are NO JOKE!! And I figured I'd be safer to NOT drive after a pub crawl.

Thanks, Yuch for setting this one up - and I don't think you were alone here, so thanks to the others that "set this up".

Fantastic to meet up with Dale and Sue who came up from Melbourne for the day. Now THAT is dedication. Great to meet you two, and hope to catch up again some day soon.



- "Eschew Obfuscation" - ;^)
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From: Geoff Whitfield

It wasn't because I don't like drinking that I didn't want to go, it's because I do like drinking.
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