Missing joint owner

I am joint owner of the property in WA. The property is rented out and the rent is paid into joint bank account. The other joint owner is my ex-partner. We have been separated for 2 months. I cannot locate my partner in order to operate joint bank account or to direct tenants to pay the rent into any other account.

What can I do? Can I apply somewhere to have guardian to protect the interests of the missing joint partner so I can operate the property or the account until the missing joint partner shows up? Where to go and make that application? What law applies?

Any ideas?
Do you both need to sign to draw from the joint account that the rent goes into? Do the repayments come out of the joint account and if not, is she paying her half or is she really missing, as in call the police type missing?

I would be stopping her from being able to take the rent from the joint account as a start. I assume,of course, that you won't take the rent either, unless the repayments are more than the rent in which case you would need to use the rent to put towards the payment.

If she has been missing two months what is the situation regarding bank payments and rent in that time?
I cannot locate my partner in order to operate joint bank account or to direct tenants to pay the rent into any other account.

Why can't you instruct the RE to pay remittance money into another account? Is the RE refusing to change bank account because other owner has not cosigned the instructions letter.

If you are managing direct as in tenant is actually paying directly into your account then just tell them the new account number - end of story.

When partner turns up again you can explain and account for the monies.

assuming you still have her postal address?? send her an over priced invoice with some unreasonable numbers and requests, that usually gets peoples attention :D
she will soon call you.
Thank you all all for replies. Here are some answers to clarify to your questions:

We both need to sign off to draw from the account.
She is not missing in a sense of police type missing person. I just cannot locate her at all. I do not have her postal address either.
As far as redirecting of the rental payments to different account: We are both signatories of the relevant documentation and her signature is also required if I am to request anything. (Yes, I know I was pretty stupid at the time..)
Is she paying her half of the repayments? Do the repayments come out of the account that the rent goes into? Is there a shortfall, and if so, are you meeting it?
Thanks wylie.

Repayments are not coming out of the rent-account.
No, she is not paying half repayments.
There is a shortfall and I am meeting it.
That sounds like a mess waiting to happen :eek:.

I don't know what to advise, other than to document everything. Why not report her as a missing person to the police. At least then you will find her and can remind her of her financial obligations.