Mixed Use Property & FHOG

If I purchase a mixed use property (residential & retail), to live in and use the retail space for my business, would I still qualify for the first home owners grant? (considering I'm still eligible).
Also I imagine that the GST component payable on the retail space upon sale is unavoidable? As if I was to purchase the property in a company name, I would not be eligible for the first home owners grant any longer?

Many thanks for any help with this matter.
I don't know about the FHOG aspect of this but I purchased a multi use zoned property and had the title and mortages split into 2. The title is like this: XXX My Name XXX as to a 60% interest and XXX Family Trust XXX as to a 40% interest. The mortages were split 60/40 as well. My family trust rents the 40% to my home business and it was all done with accountant / lawyer approval etc.

Again, I can't say for certain as I'm not familar with the FHOG but I would look into the possibility of splitting the title to get it. Naturally if you byy the retail part in a company or trust name you will have to pay tax.