mobile app

Hi guys,

I use tapatalk for a number of other forums, is there plans to get this working here? Or is there another mobile app users use?

There are plans to migrate the software completely to another platform. Because if that, any effort required to customise vBulletin would be wasted effort.

The new software is apparently much more smartphone friendly.
I don't know, I'm sorry.

I've been accessing the forum for some years now on iPhone, starting with the 3. The one single issue which I still find annoying is the small size of the "view first unread in thread" icon.

In the last release of iOS they partially fixed an issue with pop down boxes such as the one used for searches. But giving kudos with an explanation is still difficult.

Apart from those quibbles I'm ok with things.

One potential benefit or drawback with something like Tapatalk is that it makes the forum a lot more visible, showing up on lists. Spammers love those. Sim has done a heap of work in spam protection- but even then it still pops up.
Here's a new mobile application that might find its way to Australia.

It's being trialled by BNZ (an NAB subsidiary) in New Zealand. $10/month + $3.25% commission on each transaction.

For tradies and small businesses. No more "I don't have any cash on me do you take EFTPOS?" when you clearly don't have an EFTPOS machine.

Mr. 10% (Reg Kermode-Cabcharge) might not like the possibilities here.

The owner of the software is Mint Wireless-listed on the ASX as MNW.