mobiles: contracts -> prepaid?

Hi all,

The contract on my mobile is soon up and to be frank, i am rather sick of having another monthly bill as i don't use it that much to make calls with. It is only to receive calls and for the occasional outgoing call.

So anyway, is it possible to transfer the phone number i got with my contract from one carrier to a prepaid system on another carrier?

I know i can transfer my number from one carrier to another if i were to start another contract, but i don't want to do that. I would prefer to go for a pre paid system. so can i keep my number if i were to move to pre-paid?


yes you can. recently did it with mine. contract for optus ended and switched over to Virgin Mobile prepaid bean counter. Virgin did all the transfer work and I also kept my number
Im on a contract which you don't want but if you don't use the mobile much
optus have a $9 monthly plan if you bring your phone.
From memory the $9 plan includes about 5 free sms and $5 worth of calls per month.
I think you can also nominate 5 optus friends numbers for 5 minute free calls,
I opted for the free 20 minute calls to other optus users after 8pm.

Call rate is expensive but I only use it for emergencies and the $5 worth of calls usually
covers the few calls I make each month.