Monopoly City Streets

Doesnt look like we can play yet

Country not supported yet
Sorry the game is not yet availble for your country, please try again later.
Damn! I am getting that message too. "Country not supported yet".
But how come then it was a news on SMH. I suspect, it is because of traffic on the site that we are getting this message. Let's wait a while.
Looks like the game is live now!
However, all the good streets are already gone.

Its really slow from my work too. And looking at what some people have already built, i think going for the cheaper, smaller streets will get you ahead more.
the uber slowness makes it waaaay too painful to get a good grasp on wheeling and dealing whilst at work. I might try more once im at home.

How'd you build up so much rental income so quick Dave?
Yeah. Me too got in and bought 1 street in Parramatta, NSW. But it's painfully slow. But, a fantastic idea. You won't believe I was thinking about such an idea just before it was launched. Call it intuition if you will.
How does it makes a difference if you own a good (popular) street or not. Streets are priced on their length and not on their significance. Same goes for rent. Rent is based on the building you put on and do not consider the significance or the importance of location of the streets or the properties. Isn't it?
is anyone playing on it.

I am... I got Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood. I could only wish i was getting the Rental Yields this is

I think its paying over 8times the buty price per day. lol