More information from the other side

Hey Guys,

A few might remember me moving into a nice big double story place in the burbs with a few mates, well i moved out due to wanting to live with my partner and be in the city. Thought i might continue just writing up experiences what its like renting as until my last place i had always owned so never quite knew what it was like on this side of the fence.

anyway myself, girlfriend and her flat mate just moved into an apartment in the CBD, the condition report was a blatant template the property manager has not even seen the property.

It mentions oyster lights when the apartment has downlights, all appliances listed where wrong, property marked as flawless even though several scuffs existed including some chips and repairs (some unpainted), in other words it would be lucky if someone has walked through the apartment and made sure it wasn't used a meth lab. Maybe if you can make yourself available when properties are vacant it would pay to quickly check over them yourself with the agent.

No wonder the good property managers out there struggle to gain trust with this level of management going around.

BTW have finished negotiating purchase of 2 residential properties, 1 with easy subdivision option in the last month, working on the 3rd :) with out touching my longer term shares (they are cheaper places in rural cities), renting as my place to live has really helped the cash flow, so looking forward to the long term of benefit.