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From: Sergey Golovin

This beautiful graphic here shows you nioaka grass, which is an Australian grass bred specifically for Australian conditions. It uses only half the water that you normally need on a lawn, and it only has to be mown four times a year, bonus, big bonus.

Pauline Newman: And we’ve got a water collecting system here?

Sandra McEwen: Yes, we have. Water is going to become a lot more valuable as it becomes scarcer, and this system here is a rainwater tank designed for an urban system. There’s an overflow mechanism there which allows the first flush of rain to wash your roof and then be diverted onto your garden, then the rest of the rain actually gets diverted down into the water tank. There are filters in there that make sure that the water is as clean, if not cleaner, than Sydney water.

Pauline Newman: Has that actually been tried?

Sandra McEwen: It has. Michael Mobbs and his family live in Chippendale in the middle of Sydney. They use this sort of system and they have their water tested all the time, and routinely the tests come back as clean or cleaner than Sydney water.

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From: Sergey Golovin

Wow, it is impressive.

Thanks Michael.

I think it will take some time and effort to install/plant all those innovations, but hopefully it will pay back.

The other thing I am puzzled about - Why is hot water tank is quiet often installed outside of the perimeter of the house.
Summertime it is probably too hot, but winter?

Is it building code or Council regulations in place or something?

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From: Rob Millington

Hi Serge,
My question about the new turf would be, What is it's tolerance to traffic, considering all of the demands of a back yard grass?
ie. Dogs, kids etc.
Many of the common grass varieties we use currently have been bred with this in mind.

Regards Rob.M
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From: Sergey Golovin


I honestly do not know.
I heard about on radio.

They do currently have an expo at the Power House Museum Sydney.

Would be nice to find out.
Someone mentioned here earlier that he wanted to go and have look at it.
May that person would be kind enough to share it with us all the info, if he is going to see it.

Or maybe it is possible to give museum a call…?
Name of the expo is - Ecologic. And it would be there for while as I understand.

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From: G V

Hi Serge,

I had mentioned that I will be going to power house museum. Not been there yet. i will surely post the info in the forum once i make a visit(hopefully coming weekend as the museum is open only from 10 am to 5 pm and i am still working). it is a permanent part of the the way i am she not he.

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From: Sergey Golovin

Thanks GV, sorry.

* Someone at work told me story -

He did meet girl. And few days later it was agreed that he would come on weekend and meet all the family.

When he arrived he parked his car on front loan. Car was old and had bad oil leak.
After spending some time with family they have decided (boy and girl) to go to the beach for swim and be back before dinner.
Driving back home he did same thing again, parked his car on front loan.
Girls father was at the front gate with red face and heavy breathing...
He suddenly realised what will happen (with that oil leak on the loan) by looking into her fathers approaching face.
He tells her - Thanks, see you, I'll call you...can you close door?... I'll call you...
He puts foot down ...and leaves skidding marks all over the front lawn...
They have never called each other again.

Back to Rob - maybe it would be easier to change crowd's attitude, then buy new grass all the time?

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From: Sergey Golovin

Thank you Scot.

And price tag is there as well look at that!

Oh well, here you folks... Quiet a research...My back hurts... So much to do and so little time. Just kidding.

Hopefully the grass as good as they say. Otherwise have to do more "surfing". No, no I do not think so.

Thanks everyone.

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